Freedom copyright 2014 by Vivian Cheung

Freedom copyright 2014 by Vivian Cheung

This is a personal painting which speaks of my growth after leaving an abusive relationship. I am no longer in bondage and I credit this miracle to my God, who lavishes me with grace, security, and love; my heart has been released from guilt, fear, and shame. This incredible love was demonstrated by God when He sent His Son Jesus to die for you and me (He also proved that He is God when Jesus came back to life); the small egg in the girl’s hand is a token of the past; it is a reminder of how my life pales in comparison to what I have and am today. Now I can have a full and loving relationship with the God of all creations and I can be truly alive.

An Introvert’s POV

Having read Bryan Walsh’s, “The Upside of Being an Introvert”: (,9171,2105432,00.html), I was encouraged to learn about another introvert’s POV (point of view). Just as Walsh writes about needing a time-out after (or in the midst of) a social gathering, I require pockets of time to recharge in solitude; my favorite moments are when I get the read or paint at night (hence the barn owl); I added the magnolia which  means “love of nature” because organic elements help me feel grounded. The jar is a terrarium because lately, I’ve been obsessed with making my own peaceful world in a pickle jar. The jar’s opening symbolizes my openness to God (He is my ultimate source of serenity).

Introverts don’t get to share their POV very often and I’m so glad Mr. Walsh did.

Self-Reflection in Watercolor

Today I have to take time out to self-reflect on how I’m living my life. Lately, I’m feeling exhausted as I constantly raced against the clock. There are a number of factors but the main one is that I’m not drawing strength and balance from God. Instead of slowing down to talk to Him, I’m running ahead trying to do things my way. I know that eventually, I will wear myself out; God wants to give me His blessings if only I will walk with Him. The Chinese characters (on sum) means peace of heart, mind, and soul; it is a feeling of a sense of security, safety, and confidence in my state of well-being; God wants to provide that for me. I’m glad I made this much-needed self-reflection.