Spring Fever


It’s almost spring! (living in California, it’s not so hard to imagine). I love this season as you can tell from my workspace. I found this old shutter in my sister’s backyard and repainted it to make it look brand new. It is a nifty way to display artwork vertically and is a cheerful way to remind myself that winter is almost over.

I’m So Sweet

Sketch of I'm So Sweet

Sketch of I’m So Sweet

I'm So Sweet copyright 2013 by Vivian Cheung

I’m So Sweet copyright 2013 by Vivian Cheung

The yellow warbler is a perfect example of the relationship between nature and music. This North American male species has a song that sounds like, “Sweet, sweet, sweet, I’m so sweet.” Listen to a sample at http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Yellow_Warbler/sounds. (The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s site is a fun place to listen to other bird calls.) If you have been following this blog, you probably can see a trend with nature and music in my recent art. This is the fifth one of a series of hopefully twelve; I would like to create one for each month of the year. So this one is for June, as the yellow warbler can be heard from spring to early summer.

Also, I have begun another site for my online porfolio at http://www.vfolio.wordpress.com.
Cheers, Vivian

Love is in the Air

"Love" copyright 2013 by Vivian Cheung

“Love” copyright 2013 by Vivian Cheung

A fourth poster for Homespun Royale (a band I am a part of). Instead of The Beatles, the butterflies are singing “All You Need is Love”. I am still keeping with the theme of music and nature with a Valentine’s Day twist.

M and N Strikes Again

"May Flowers" copyright 2013 by Vivian Cheung

“May Flowers” copyright 2013 by Vivian Cheung

This is another poster for Homespun Royale. Our band now has three months worth of posters. Should I stop now? I think not; I enjoy the challenge of creating interesting compositions with this format as it will grace the top of Homespun Royale’s Facebook page. My ideas have to do with nature and music inspiring new life. This one goes with the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”