A Trip From the Sea to the Moon

Nathan Baird has written another song titled Holiday; this was a collaboration between his children ages six, eight, and nine. It’s such a treat to watch them play as a family.

Here are the lyrics:

Want to go with you to the sea

Grab your shovel, pail, a towel, and me

Castles in the sand and seashells on the beach

I want to go with you to the sea, on a holiday

Want to fly with you to the moon

Find a rocket ship and off we zoom

Watch the stars collide above the tranquil sea

Taking giant steps on the moon, on a holiday

In a world so full of wonder

With the shining stars we’re under

Every day is full of everything that we could hope or dream of

Summer sun and autumn showers

Winter frost and vernal flowers

Every good thing drifting down like snowflakes from above

I want to be with you at the end

Hand in hand we’ll smile and close our eyes and then

Because endings only lead to newer things

We’ll step beyond this veil at the start of our holiday

To hear the song, go to: http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/441723.


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