In Miniature

When I was a child I would visit my grandparents whose home was on the island of Cheung Chau. As I walked up the cement steps, I would enter a small courtyard where my grandfather’s bonsai trees were displayed in shallow stoneware. I loved the miniature trees with the tiny pagodas and the figures of old men with long beards. Most of all, I loved rearranging the little ceramic pandas around in their shaded habitats. I also was introduced to the anime My Neighbor Tortoro as a child (the Cantonese version is much better than the one dubbed by Disney). Because Tortoro is the spirit of the forest, I thought it would be wonderful if there were miniature Tortoros that kept bonsai trees company.


6 responses

  1. Ah~ Totoro… my childhood friend. I must watch the movie again soon! The scene, which is so beautiful, reminds me so vividly of the movie. Your illustration looks so good that I insist it should be inserted into the movie as it is! 🙂 I love all your drawings!

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