Sky, Water, Sand

Last week I was given a three by four-foot canvas to paint on; oh, the possibilities were endless. Yet it was quite daunting to paint something so white and so large (it was large for me); it was also to be displayed in the foyer of my church. I let ideas stew for a day before taking the leap of faith. My vision is that when people step from the frantic world into the church building, I want them to see this painting and be soothed by it. What more soothing and majestic than an ocean scene; when I spend time at a beach, I would be in awe at the expanse of sky, water, and sand, listen to the pounding surf, witness the rhythm of the tide, breathe in the fresh ocean breeze and be reminded of God’s majesty and power, his faithfulness with his promises, and his immeasurable love for us; that is what the sky, water, and sand represent.


2 responses

  1. It now hangs on the wall, the very first wall that a person sees as he/she enters the building. It’s amazing how the painting changes the whole feel of that room. Before, the bare, beige wall was meaningless and void. Now, it speaks peace and welcome.

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