Goldfish Innocence

My niece’s hair and the goldfish represent the lightness and innocence children carry. Today Abbie wanted to play Chutes & Ladder and then Candy Land so we played them together. I watched her take delight in moving her playing piece up ladders, down slides, and onto colored tiles; she’s not thinking about a million things like I am but just enjoying the moment where her auntie is sitting down on the carpet with her and simply playing a board game. Spending time with my niece reminded me of her goldfish innocence.


2 responses

  1. I used to play Candy Land too! Playing it with my parents is a strong memory of my childhood. And I truly love your drawing! The goldfish look like they will swim out of the page any moment now, and then I will need to catch them and put them in a bowl full of water. Marvelous artwork!


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