My sister spent six months writing a novel in which some instances took place in Hong Kong. Based on her own experience there, she had spotted wild parrots on the roof of the government house. I wanted to recapture that moment so I decided to illustrate it for her. Since we both have not been able to go back to the Pearl of the Orient (one of HK’s nickname) in ten years, recreating past experiences with words and paintings is the next best thing.


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    • Your comment is very encouraging. I did use watercolor on bristol paper. I painted the tile roof and the parrots separately, then cut out ehe parrots and pasted them on. Thanks K!

      • That’s a good technique, the cutting and pasting back on. I should really try it sometime! My watercolor always blends so I need to start the painting all over again. Thanks for the tip!


      • Hi K,
        Don’t give up too soon; this painting was actually my second attempt because I couldn’t get the tiles of the roof lined up right. Since I liked how the parrots were drawn, I was able to salvage them and use them onto my second painting.
        Good luck with your future paintings!

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