My Heart, Even on Sunday

“To My Heart, On Sunday” was written by Polish poet Ms. Wistawa Szymborska. This love letter is full of whimsy so I had to illustrate it. I am inspired by Ms. Szymborksa’s work as each of her poems tell a story with tongue in cheek. Her imagination takes flight on the premise of “I don’t know”, as she stated: “That is why I value that little phrase “I don’t know” so highly. It’s small but it flies on mighty wings. It expands our lives to include spaces within us as well as the outer expanses in which our tiny earth hangs suspended.” (from Poems New and Collected) Even though I have not personally met Ms. Szymborska, I feel a kinship with her in that we both have a love for learning. I am always learning and pushing forward to see what new idea or skill I can apply to my art. But I don’t have to know everything because there are miracles that are meant to not be known but to inspire, just like the amazing pumping heart, even on Sunday.


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    • Hi Angel, I’m honored to recieve a comment from another artist such as yourself! Sometimes inspiration finds us unexpectedly; I’m happy to know that it inspired you too.

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