Sparrows and Afros

What do sparrows and afros have in common? They, along with every detail in life, do not escape the loving attention of God. My personal experience came with my recent job search; After two years as a student, I began praying about finding a job in April, asking God to open the right doors for me. I am a planner and go-getter by nature, so if it were up to me, I would have accepted the first job offered to me and would have settled for less. But He had a plan for me and His timing had a purpose, so I needed to trust that He had my best interest in mind. Even though the interim was difficult, He granted me peace of mind and now I know why I had to wait; He wanted me to be able to enjoy part of my summer break after an intense semester in college.

On June 18th, after going through two interviews for a job I felt was a perfect fit for me, I received a call telling me I was hired! God knows my heart and this painting is a reminder that when I feel that God does not hear; He does and He will come through when we ask and wait for His timing. If He cares so much for sparrows and afros, He cares for us even more.


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